Solar Projects

The Solar Business Vertical of Concord Electricals draws its strengths from the synergies and immense talent bank the company has from its inherent strengths in electrical contracting, detailed designs and project management for Thermal Power Plants, Power distribution and Transmission and Sub- Stations etc.

The Solar Business Vertical provides EPC solutions for building Solar Power Plants based on Photovoltaic (PV) technology (Grid Connected as well as off Grid). This vertical also provides solutions for providing power from other renewable sources like Solar Thermal, Wind and Biomass.

Our Solar Business vertical provides complete EPC solutions for Solar Power Generation including Site evaluation, Design for Solar farms, HV/LV Panels, Inverters, Instrumentation, Power Evacuation, Power distribution as well as Operation & Maintenance. Our existing vertical provides cost effective, reliable O&M for solar energy projects utilizing a large, wide spread network of skilled manpower across the country.

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